"Following on from the fire incident in early August, we are now in the throes of a phase of restoration that is due to be completed early 2014.

Whilst, at the time this issue was distressing; the future is now extremely exciting. The company is confident about the success of the project and are introducing progressive improvements to the facility during this redevelopment period. We would like to re-affirm to all current and future clients, this issue has not impeded our current levels of services offered, as the main processing building was un-affected during this incident.

Coinciding with the facility revitalisation is the re-design of our corporate website. With customer requirements at the forefront of all design decisions, we are hoping with this update that it will become a beneficial resource for both our existing and future clients ensuring all current and future legislation is communicated efficiently."

- Damian Courtney, Managing Director Premier Waste.

Our new website is currently under construction.

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